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Six years leading up to the start of the Coronavirus disease ( up to February 2020)

  • SignRISE had invented, developed, patented, and tested the Wonda Range with over 70 products.
  • Under licencing agreement and on its own, SignRISE has sold its products to over 30% of the world’s biggest brands to date with 100% positive feedback.
  • Our Vacuum form and PVC CNC manufactured hardware have proven to be excellent products. Unfortunately, these manufacturing methods are a very expensive way to manufacture with a relatively low profit margin. It was the right way to get the desired proof of concept as it had a low setup cost. This method allowed us to experiment and test various shapes and sizes.
  • SignRISE has managed to also develop and test the fabric skin templates.
  • SignRISE has been selling the complete product including the fabric print to the end-user.

The New Marketing launch to start on the 1st of February 2020.

  • SignRISE began working on a new campaign in September 2019. The launch date was going to be the 1st of February 2020.
  • This marketing strategy was to start selling complete products (special campaign) to franchises and to the retail market. This Australian campaign was to start on the 1st of Feb 2020 ‘Choose 3 of 6 signs’ and pay $1 per day per sign for 3 years. With our research, we were confident that it was going to be a huge success.
  • Retail, entertainment, events, and expos stopped completely in February 2020. It was stopped due to COVID-19 so we withdrew the campaign and stopped. We were about to make a significant investment in this campaign on the 8th of March 2020. We decided to stop as things were looking unsure. It turned out to be an 18-month lockdown in our industry, as well as, affiliated industries.

The new business model at the start of COVID-19

  • In April 2020 at the start of lockdowns, SignRISE started working on a new business model. We have designed and developed the same range of products to be manufactured with a far better and cheaper manufacturing method called Injection Moulding.
  • The new business model is that SignRISE does not do the complete product including the fabric print but will now supply its hardware technology to fabric print companies. These companies require better ways to hang their fabric. We supply the injection moulded hardware. There are thousands of these companies, that are heavily invested and need to print, print, print. We are their solution — with 72 products that take their printed fabric.
  • Our injection moulding process is designed and ready to start manufacturing with far bigger volume, potential, and profit margin than before. This allows the end-user to pay around 30% less and with a margin in the price for the licensees and resellers.
  • SignRISE will sign up 16 licensees over the next 6 months and will maintain these 16 licensees for a minimum of 18 months before taking on additional licensees.
  • This new SignRISE business model will allow SignRISE to simply focus on supplying and serving its licensees with the proven hardware and allows the licensee to sell and take care of the software (fabric printed skins) for their clients.
  • The hardware is the best in the world — backlit and affordable. It allows this billion-dollar industry to dramatically improve its reach, as well as, the industry standard.
  • Potential selected licensees will have the opportunity to enter into an agreement with SignRISE. They can either manufacture the fabric and onsell the finished product to other promotors and end-users or the licensee can also simply onsell the hardware to other fabric print companies. SignRISE will avoid working directly with other resellers and will direct business to the licensees.
  • SignRISE will not take on more than the planned handful of licensees up to the end of 2022 to ensure that it is maintaining the good reputation that SignRISE has built up over the years in the industry. This strategy will allow the SignRISE licensees to build and establish their dominance in the marketplace.
  • After 2022, SignRISE will take on more licensees — up to 30 in total around the world, yet protect the exclusive agreement that SignRISE has in place with the initial licensees.

Our offer to you!

  • Please watch our corporate video above, in order to get an overview of our company, the services we provide and the products we deliver.
  • Set up a 15-minute appointment for a 3D Online product presentation.
  • If both parties are interested to move forward, we will start the process.
  • We will provide you with the hardware products. The fabric if’s specific with certain requirements and features. We can supply you with fabric if necessary or you will need to source the correct fabric. We will supply you with templates that fit all of the products. If required, we can provide marketing material and sales support to help you sell more products. Please dig deeper into the website and look at the Products – Pricelist – License Process.

We are branding specialist. We’ve spent years inventing, designing and developing a range of smart branding and display products that are unique, innovative and exceptionally easy to use.

Our range has been purposely designed to meet the needs of brand and business owners around the world. Now, more than 60 of the 100 biggest brands worldwide have used and continue to reorder our products. Added features like backlit options have made our products a stand-out success.

At SignRISE our promise is to continue innovating and creating exciting new solutions for the branding and marketing sector at very affordable prices.

To do that, we are now scaling up our business to distribute our patented range of products via a qualified reseller network, broadening our reach and offering new and exciting solutions to an even wider market.

SignRISE no longer works directly with SMEs or individual customers. Our resellers now look after and take care of the SMEs and individuals wishing to buy our products. This insures a more accessible and local service, where we believe SMEs and individuals are better served. If you are an SME, please click the SME link below to find one of our SignRISE resellers.

SignRISE serves our licenced reseller network and a limited number of large corporate key accounts


Our licenced reseller network provides products and services to SMEs & individual consumers. Find out more below.

Corporate Head Offices

Our SignRISE team works with a limited number of bigger corporate clients on large-scale campaigns.

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Corporate Head Offices

Our SignRISE team works with a limited number of bigger corporate clients on large-scale campaigns. Read more below.


Small and medium-size businesses and individuals can find a reseller near them. Click the link below.

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