Introducing SignRISE, a company passionate about improving businesses worldwide through innovative technology. The products increase, foot traffic, Sales and profits. Led by CEO Armando Camacho, SignRISE has developed a game-changing backlit signage system called Wonda SIGNS that is affordable, lightweight, collapsible, and environmentally friendly. With worldwide patents, over 20% of the world’s top 500 brands have already used our products.

SignRISE is in the process to increase distribution and reduce costs by switching from vacuum form to injection molding. Our technology has allowed us to increase and create about 72 new products for fabric branding print companies to hang fabric. Over 80% of businesses globally, big and small, are able to benefit from our products. We have identified and divided the market into 3 different sectors, retail and professional businesses, corporations and expos/events.

Our manufacturing process is now streamlined using a push-pull method, referred to as the Toyota way, with key components supplied from China, fabric and canvas bag suppliers in Africa, and assembly done in 4 locations worldwide of which Sydney is One. SignRISE aims to license our products to 100 companies in the next two years and 500 in the next five years globally, with strict parameters in place to maintain licensing agreements. Join us in improving businesses worldwide with SignRISE!

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How to decide whether to become a Licensee or Reseller

The first step is to have an online showroom tour to see and understand our products and the full range with Armando on MSTeams or Skype Meetings. This meeting should take about 15 minutes to establish whether there is common ground or not. If not all well and good at least we found out without wasting to much time. If Yes, there is common ground then the meeting may go on longer for another half an hour. Please book a meeting At the start of the meeting, Armando will give you the password key to get into the showroom.


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