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About Us

About Us

SignRISE have invented and patented a range of signage products around this exciting area of branding and advertising – winning an award at the ‘Engineers Australia’ Awards, in Sydney. We are proud as well as passionate about our range. We aim to serve our clients with our excellent and high quality product. Back-lit options are one of the many unique features that makes us different. Together with our manufacturing factory we ensure that we deliver the highest quality possible. By having the weaving mill that makes the fabric in-house, as well as doing the high definition dye sublimation print transferred from paper to fabric ensures this superb unmatched standard. A highly skilled team of machinists and seamstresses ensures the print quality is not lost in the finishes. The fabric that we use is not only crease resistant but also opaque ensuring best quality back lighting.

Innovation, quality, service and good value is what we stand for.